Laser Shot Rangefinder


Golf Gear’s LaserShot rangefinder enables you to quickly lock on to the target! The LaserShot will vibrate and automatically lock on the target, even if you don’t have a steady grip.

Distances are displayed to 0.1 of a metre eg. 99.5, 150.8, 230.1 etc. More accurate than most other Rangefinders on the market.

Can be used on a tripod for other applications or sports.

Jolt Technology Removes All Doubts! Lock on the exact distance, Feel the Jolt!


Technical Data

Measuring Range: 3M-600M
Distance Measuring Accuracy: +-0.5m(within 400m)
Distance Measuring Accuracy: +-1m(600m)
Speed Measure Range: 18-300km/h
Laser Wavelength: 902nm
Laser Class: Class I
Monocular Magnification: 6x
Objective Lens Diameter: 22mm
Eyepiece Size: 16mm
Angular Field of View: 7.5
Battery: CR2-3V
Meter/Yard Change: Yes
Tripod: Adaptable yes
Warranty: 12 month

Unit Packaging


  • Laser range finder
  • Pouch
  • Clean cloth
  • User Manual
  • Mini Tripod
  • Battery
  • Box

Dimensions & Weight

Net Weight: 170g
Unit Size: 122mmX77mmX45mm
Box Size: 160X117X72mm
Box Packing Weight: 330g